Hi beautiful people,

How are you all doing?

I am doing great, I can not wait for spring. At this stage, I am counting down the remaining days in February. It is really cold right now in Ireland, I don’t think I have experienced a February colder than this one. I hope this means we will get a hot summer.

In relation to fashion blogging, I would like to clarify that fashion is an interpretation or a representation of various things such as your personal style, job title, comfort, exposure or background, culture, religion, mood. It could even be based on how you want to be addressed. I believe fashion is a form of visual identity.

One of my favorite things to do is mix and match. I buy new clothes and mix it with my old clothes which is what I did with today’s look. I randomly walked into Penneys (Primark) and spotted this pink corduroy skirt. I wouldn’t  usually buy skirts or trousers in Penneys (I find they don’t suit curvy women) and I don’t ever buy pink clothes. This is actually the only pink clothing in my closet right now! But this color just stood out, I love the fact that it looks pretty and vibrant.

I paired it with casual old tops. The grey top was a dress before I decided to cut it.  I love the navy jumper on it, it made me feel sophisticated. Thinking of it now, the jumper could work with the skirt paired with tights on a mild day. The jean shirt top was an experiment and it turned out nice surprisingly!

One of the reasons why I don’ classify myself as a fashion blogger is because I don’t necessarily follow trends. I also don’t want to feel under any sort of pressure to look a certain type of way if it does not truly represent me. This would then take away the fun that blogging really is for me.

I am aware that as a blogger it’s important to show creativity and flexibility but within your strength. I will stick to my regular lifestyle and occasional travel posts. I hope this answers the questions I have been getting, I simply strive to feel comfortable and look beautiful at the same time and it seems to work for me  Related image

Let me know which of the tops was your favorite, I would also love to know how you would pair it.

See you soon,

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