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How are we all doing? I have been quite sick in the last few days with a serious cold and chest infection. However,  this did not stop me from going to celebrate with my girl- Adi (Adiat Useni). Adi is the face of Hair by Adii which is also known as HBAI love Adi’s story! She is an example of how important it is to find one’s passion. Work hard at it, stay persistent and to know when it’s time to step out of one’s comfort zone.

HBA is one of Ireland’s leading hairstylist, especially within the African community. She specialises in everything from hair Installments, colouring, cuts, styling and wigs. She has now extended her service to beauty such as nails and lashes. This post is not about promoting Adi’s business because honestly, she is great at doing that herself!

However, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the essence of passion. Once we find passion in what we do, it is easier to keep going no matter how rough the road gets. Sometimes, not everyone will understand the passion you have. Sometimes you will need to take big bold steps and run the journey alone. Of course, you should expect that the journey may be lonely. You may lose friends although they probably weren’t  supposed to be part of the journey anyway! You might have to stay up late working hard while others are sleeping. Adi found her passion, she is lucky to have found it at such a young age. She is already reaping the benefit of her hard work and impacting other young women. If she can do it, so can WE.
I encourage you to find your passion. But it doesn’t stop there. It requires hard work, dedication, and investment. This could be related to time or financially but the investment cannot be avoided. All this gets better when you start reaping the good reward. It encourages you to even do more but even that takes time. So trust the process and be present during the journey!

I took pictures all night trying to capture as much as possible. It was my first time doing this at an event. The pictures are not as perfect as I would usually plan. I love how Adi showed off her creative side, which was reflected in the visual presentation of the salon.

If you live in Ireland, Adi’s shop is in Tallaght Village-  Unit 7, Courthouse Square, West Park Gate. Check out her website for more information and show her some love!

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Be encouraged, find your Passion and run with it!

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