Hey beautiful people.

It is that time of the year again! Whether you are a student or you have a child going into school. I am sure you have seen the advertisement everywhere on going back-to school. I was so keen to share a post on back-to -school last year but it did not work out for some reason. If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have heard me mention that I am studying a Masters Programme in UCD. It is a two year programme and as funny as it sounds, I cannot wait to go back Into Uni. I have literally been ‘adulting’ all summer and writing a thesis. I hope going back to Uni would make my life slightly easier as I would only need to worry about lectures and assignment.

Okay, so I thought I would share three ways I plan on being the best student as I head back to Uni.

Morning Routine

Last term I would wake up and rush out of the house and I noticed that this routine had a negative impact on my day. What you do in the morning determines how your day will go, so be mindful of how you start your day. I started practicing over the summer and it has been working. I start my day by praying, I then plan my day and when I have time I either do a home workout or go to the gym.  In a book I am currently readying by Ken Robison, he spoke about automatic writing which Julia Cameron wote about in her book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ . Automatic writing is the first thing you should do when you wake up. It has to do with clearing the clutter in the mind by writing anything and everything that comes to your mind on a page. I have not got to this yet because at the moment what I am practicing is praying more and having a more effective daily plan and actually doing it! But feel free to try this and let me know if it works!

Get Organised

This point is similar to the previous. Make sure you are organised this term but not just in the morning. What you do the night before can make the following day easy. I shared a similar post here, click the link. If you are someone like me who does not wear make-up everyday and would like to make more of an effort, being organised the night before could help. I find timing and planning go hand in hand in achieving even the most simplest things!

Learn from your mistake

I am sure you have heard this before ‘ it is a sign of insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result’. This is true and it relates to being a student too. If you want to get better results, have more time, make new friends and whatever other change you want. You have to switch things up. So don’t be in the same place where the same other friends will be. Find another spot. Talk to new people, go to other events or even go to other societies and that way you will make new friends. This is just an example. The other points I mentioned would also help you achieve the change you want too.

I hope these tips were helpful

See you soon


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