Hey beautiful person

Firstly I want to apologise for my unannounced break last week. I travelled to Turkey for a few days and I’ve been so caught up since I returned to Ireland. If you would like me to share a post on my trip to Turkey let me know. This post will be casual with a chatty vibe.

This year has literally flown by, It’s hard to believe there’s only  4 months left in the year.  It’s my birthday this month and the month I started blogging at MOULDEDINSIDEOUT, September is a special month. However, for a lot of us September is also the beginning of another acadamic year.  I believe this is the same in most countries. For a lot of us after such a long summer of work, holidays and lazying around  we’ re still in  the ‘SUMMER SLUMP MODE’ .  It can seem like a struggle to fall back into the routine of waking up early, catching early buses for early lecturers. Not to mention having to leave that bit earlier to avoid traffic from the primary and secondary schools being back in. Summer is also almost over which means we’re  heading into the colder and darker nights . Speaking from experience I know how overwhleming these drastic changes could be . It does not get any easier if you are a parent who’s still in Uni too (how do you even do it? ). At the moment in Ireland  a lot of the stores are plugged in with ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ advertisements for all types of students . It is a good opportunity to get essential items such as a laptops, school uniforms, lunch boxes etc.

Regardless of all the excitements and overwhelming experience that we may experience in September. I look at it as a second opportunity in the year to make a difference. If you still have goals to achieve in the last few months of the year, its never late. It would be down to time management, priorities and mind set. Your mind set would need to be archieving  success and goal oriented. It could be achieving better results in Uni than last semester. If you’ve finished Uni it’s an opportunity to work on those goals you set at the start or durng the year. Becoming a better version of yourself. Personally I plan to always be on time for work for the remainder of this year … see it could even be as simple as that!

This brings me to the end of today’s post. I plan on posting a bit more than once a week this month. God help me!

Thank you so much and let me know if you would like to see a post on my recent trip to Turkey.

See you soon,


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