Happy new month!

May the month of June be filled with joy, peace and love for all of us. By the end of this month, we would have reached the half of the year 2019. This post is not majorly about reviewing our goals so far and what we can do in the next half of the year to make the most of 2019. It is important to acknowledge that the first half of the year is almost over and we should be reflective and grateful for how far we’ve come already. What life lessons have you learnt so far? What’s the next 6 months going to be like?

Okay, let’s get into the actual post. This year, a few influencers within the African community have put together events within their niche which has created space for other influencers whether starting up or established to come together and share their knowledge and most importantly learn, interact and just have fun. I’m definitely here for it because it’s about time!

I have been specific about the events due to a number of constraints such as the time available and completing my masters. I am a lot more passionate about attending events and meeting some of my readers whom have gone on to support my business.

The first event was called ‘Boss Lady’ put together by Traychic and Freeborn Noble– this was put together for women who had either set up their own businesses to become entrepreneurs or women who were about to start and need guidance. There was a great panel set up which included  Moj In Touch, a blogger and motivational speaker, Hair by Adii a hair stylist who established her own business and set up a salon, Karima, an entrepreneur who had set up a  brand called  Afrodyte  and Soule, an upcoming artist and singer.

In April, I attended an event called the ‘Blogger, Influencer, Entrepreneur  Brunch by Testyles‘, which was put together for bloggers to come and network, I love that there was a great sense of diversity. The speakers were Yasmin Robinson, award winning blogger; Lawson Mpame, a stylist and blogger; Jude Wong, award winning makeup artist, Christina Cambell, beauty and fashion stylist and Kam Angulska entrepreneur and founder of promo models.

I have to say, it was at this event that the whole concept of integration clicked, because it became clear what it actually meant to go out and attend events where you get to meet experienced people from various backgrounds with similar mindsets and interest and learn something new. Each speaker had so much knowledge to give be it how to run and engage on  social media platforms, to how to reach out to brands, or how to brand ourselves. I could continue with the list of tips we got. It was just amazing to even see people in both events be open about their personal struggles and how they’ve overcome it .

My most recent event was the summer party hosted by Pretty Little Thing (PLT), which has shaped my thoughts on attending events. It was so much fun but also a great experience, I met some renown influencers such as the CEO of PLT, Banks, Lionless , Nadine Reid and some other influencers from other events I had attended. I’ll also mention that before attending an event do some research about will be there so you’ll be prepared for the best way to pitch your work and make the most of the opportunity.

So here are a few reasons why attending blog events or any event within your field should be on your to-do list!

1- You gain experience and better insight into how you can grow. They always say, it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others, unless you are starting on a venture that you created yourself, it always a good idea to listen and take in the knowledge others have gained so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

2- Network! I did a bit of networking at the blogger, influencer and entrepreneur brunch but at the PLT summer party, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone a bit more. I swapped some contact details, gave out business cards and just show cased my work because think about it, how else will they hear about it, if they never see you again?

3- Inspiration, I attended an event years ago and I blogged about it. I got a bit discouraged when the response wasn’t great and so I refrained from blogging events I attended. But since a lot of you were asking about the PLT summer party, I thought I’d share this post, so there you go attending events could inspire you next post

4- I have to say one of thing I love most about attending events is meeting some of you. I love when someone says ‘ are you M.I.O Prints’ from Mouldedinsideout and I just smile because you know what it is yeah, it’s great when I get to meet the people I inspire and it makes me humble and urges me to even do more.

This brings me to the end of today’s post, also a gentle reminder on the importance of humility and being approachable! Even before I could identify myself as an influencer, I’ve been to events and people act stuck up and build a wall around themselves. There’s no reason for it and it limits the connection you can make with people you previously inspired, so lets be approachable influencers.

The images I shared are also the pictures of outfits I wore to the different events, let me know in the comment section which is your favourite?


See you soon,


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