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I have not posted in this section of the blog for a long time. I still love changing my hair like every week but since I was repeating the same hairstyles it felt like there was nothing new to share. I promise today’s post is different!

I may have found a solution to my thin edges or as some people call it- hairline. I found out about this company when I was watching Uche Natori’s YouTube video. It is called MS Hair. Their aim is to help women who have kinky, coily and curly hair alleviate the frustration of hair loss and thinning edges through the ‘Hair Foundation Kit. This foundation kit includes a Hair Fibre bottle, an Edge Protector, and a Fixing Spray.

How it works:

I usually hold the fiber bottle just a few inches from the area of my hair that I want to fill in. Then I press down the applicator pump gently applying the product.

I use both my finger and the edge perfector to brush the fiber and make it look more natural, otherwise, it will look patchy!

I then use the fixing spray to help hold the fiber into my hair and make it look more natural.


  • The Hair Foundation Kit can be applied in a matter of seconds; it’s easy and there no mess.
  • It is sweat proof which is great if you’re like me and goes to the gym after work. You do not have to worry about having a long day and you’re looking a hot mess!
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee, this shows me that the company is confident in the product it provides! It does not get better than this!

My personal concern:

I find that in the areas where I am completely bald, the fiber does not work for an obvious reason. There is no hair for it to hold on to, so I guess if you are completely bald, then the fiber is probably not an option but as you can see in the picture, the finishing results are great. The other day when I tried this product and left my house I felt all sorts of confident, and it stayed on for the whole day!

Here is a picture of what my hair looks like without the product

That’s it for today guys. Click here to get a 10% discount from your own order.  

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