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In this post, I will be sharing with you a bit about what my thought processes has been recently.  My thoughts is constantly being directed towards finding purpose, being successful and how to become a better person. It is probably because I am getting older or at least that is how I feel. I have always heard that your early 20s is the time when you try to figure out who you are.  If you are the kind of person who always needs guidance when you feel stuck in life then reading positive quotes and motivational messages are great as they are a form of reinforcement.

A person that inspires me at the moment is Chimamanda Adichie. I have read some of her books and I appreciate what she stands for.  She is a phenomenal woman. I was gutted when I found out she was in Dublin because I missed her appearance. I have also been listening to series by Michael Todd’ on Youtube,  and most recently Bishop TD Jakes has shared some points that I feel might inspire some of you and I decided to share it.

  • Success can cause strain; when you win it strains you. If you were not close to what you are trying to achieve, you would not be stressed. Stress is an indicator, it benefits you, it’s a favour, it lets you know you are at your limits. Stress does not mean  you cannot do it, it simply means you have to change something- you have to change the structure or strategy in which you do things. Stress means you have to reboot or recalibrate your strategy for what’s about to happen in your life.
  • The moment you are exposed to something great, you drop something lighter. You will never know what you can do until you throw yourself into it. Ultimately, you become what you say to yourself. Don’t look at situations as issues because they will become a stop sign.
  • Relationships are your greatest resource! it is not guaranteed that the person you like or feel comfortable with, share the same believe and values as you would be the one to help you. Therefore, be careful how you treat people because God places different people in your life at various seasons to bless you.
  • God gives you an opportunity, what you do with it is your gift to him!

I could keep going on but I think I will stop here. I hope you guys enjoyed getting into my headspace! You can watch more of the message by Bishop TD Jakes here.

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