Hey beautiful people,

Firstly, I would like to everyone a shout out on my last post. I wasn’t expecting the feedbacks , thank you so much and of course keep ’em coming cause I am loving it!

Today’s post is inspired by my next travel trip.  I am outrageous when it comes to packing but I always feel like everything is important! I thought I’d help myself and another person like myself out there . Right here goes 7 things we need in our check list!

1- Make up : It’s funny, when I am here in Ireland I don’t fancy wearing make up every day. But on holidays I get into the habit of a simple everyday routine#holidayvibes. In my hand laugagge, I pack my foundation, high lighter, countor kit and usually a nude lip. I also bring lashes for a night out.

2- My bible: The last time, I didn’t read my bible at all (which isn’t too good ) but I always bring my bible. This time I expect to read at least a few verses a few nights during my holidays.

3- Extra clothes: Everytime I travelled to Italy.  I NEVER bring extra clothes because in Italy the shops don’t close to till late. I am always guranteed a shop to walk in and buy items for the amount of days I spend. However on my last trip to Turkey I was shocked when this was the total opposite. So life lesson learned always come prepared !! Bring clothes that whould suit your holiday destination. You don’t want to spend unnessary money. For example if you’re going to the beach bring bikinis whereas, for a colder destination  bring warm clothings.  

4- Comfortable shoes: Although you go on holidays to ‘chill ‘ for the next couple of days. We all know that there’s a lot of walking, from site seeing to shopping.  So you need comfortable shoes ( this could even be slippers or sandals) to walk in.

5- Money: This is my favourite aspect of any trip –  MONEY. This might seem obvious but, c’mmon if you’re going on holidays you have to bring money.  I have met and spoken to people who don’t bring or have enough money for their holiday. Don’t play yourself, if you want to enjoy yourself save enough prior to your trip and bring money.

6- Camara:  You don’t have to be a blogger or youtuber to have a camera. Unless you have an  I-phone or any other phone with an efficient camera.  It doesn’t  have to be expensive. All you need is a quality camera to be able to capture magical moments on your holiday. Trust me I was hurt when I travelled to Nigeria and I didn’t have quality camera to capture the moments!!

7- Travel size goodies: Get yourself fun size treats such as tooth paste , deodrant and body wash . Especially if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes the hotels or wherever you choose to stay don’t invest in quality products. It’s best you buy smaller versions of what suits your body and bring it along.

This brings me to the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed this, wish me luck as I start to pack for my next holiday.

See you soon,


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