Hi beautiful people,

I guess it is safe to say we have reached the end of summer. I thought to wrap up the holidays by updating you guys and respond to tips I gave in a previous post I shared earlier in April on ‘5 ways to make the most out f your summer‘.

1 – Learn a new skill: My aim was to improve my  skills in the area of editing and taking pictures. Although, I am still not where I want to be  with my editing skills, I am happy to see improvement in my content. There are a lot of packages out there and it can sometimes be daunting, throughout the summer I made a decision to start with the  basics. The basic things I have worked on has been ‘ brightness/ contrast’, ‘saturation’, ‘shadows and highlights’. These are basic quick fixes that come with most editing packages. If you want me to share a bit on what I have learned so far, please let me know in the comment section. The most fulfilling experience I have had in this regard was helping my brother(who takes my photographs) find a hidden gift. We have spent the whole summer working together and I can see so much improvement in him!

2 – Update your resume: I don’t share much about my work because I work with some of the most vulnerable people in the society (homeless people, young mums, people from ethnic minority groups etc). This is also a form of protection to  both myself and my clients. However, in terms of updating my resume, I spent the whole summer working in a totally different sector which has helped me to gain more experience.

3 – Travel: as you all know I went to Barcelona which was not the easiest decision but I am glad the trip happened because  it was so worth it. It was a break well needed from Uni and work, it was also my  first time in Spain which made it all that bit more special. 

4 – Find a fitness buddy: I found one for a few weeks, but because we both have busy schedules with work it was not easy to keep up. But I am happy that we worked together for a week or two. I still connect with her and others on social media as they share their journey which motivates me to keep going.

5 – Mix scheduling with being spontaneous: I spent the whole summer studying and writing my thesis so I have had to sacrifice a few things in order to focus. You may laugh but some of my spontaneous decisions included me going to the gym or the library after a night shift. I guess Barcelona counts as spontaneous considering it was a last minute decision.

This brings me to the end of today’s post. Oh! Would you believe the post – ‘5 ways to make the most of your summer’ was the post that attracted my collaboration with Prettylittlething. It is just a lesson to all of us, in everything you do give it your best shot because you never know when opportunities will come!

I would love to know how you guys spent your summer??

See you soon


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