Hi beautiful people,

I thought it would be nice to end the year differently here on the blog. I  was looking through my dashboard on WordPress and according to statistics and the post that have got the most likes or were most engaging (in terms of comments). I was able to identify 5 of my most popular posts between September and December. It is important for me to do as it gives me a better idea of what attracts my viewers and followers. Honestly, I was actually shocked as all five are quite different.. Let me know which is your favourite in the comment section down below.

  1. My most liked Instagram photos: This post (click here) was initially an experiment. I had never done anything like it before on the blog but as funny as it may seem. It has attracted the most visitors from all over the world!  I still have not figured out what it is about this post, I have heard it’s the actual photos while some people have said it’s my transparency that people found attractive, ‘what do you think?’

 2. Relationship Goals: In this post (click here) I shared about the type of people one should call friends. I feel this post attracted my older readers who understand the meaning and impact of relationships. From a personal perspective, it’s a reflection of my journey.

3. The power of the mind: This post is one of my favourites. I personally come back and read it especially when I feel discouraged. It is a post that will always be relevant as the human mind is built to naturally be negative and limiting. It is up to us to constantly feed our minds with positive messages –click here to read more.

4. I basically blogged the whole event: In this post (click here) you guys got to see another side of me. I was happy to support one of my girls Adi as she launched her Hair Salon and I literally blogged the whole event!

5. Ileke Idi: I enjoyed creating this post (click here). I learnt a lot about different African Countries including the origin of beads. Similar to my post on the power of the mind, both myself and my readers got to learn together!

I have to add my personal ones, the post on my collaboration with Billykiss ranked the same amount of viewers as my post on Ieke Idi (click here). I figured this one out almost immediately, the title and the concept attracted a lot of viewers.  However, my favourite post of all time is titled ‘I am not a Model, I am a Blogger’ (click here). I was able to share a bit more about myself and the difference between a blogger and a model.

I want to use this moment to say a huge thank you to all of you, I would not be here without you. Thank you for giving me the chance to live my dream. Next year guys, let’s engage more and get to know each other, I want to use this moment to thank my Editor Yemi Adeola and to all those who have helped me with pictures through the year.

Have a safe New Years Eve and enjoy it!

See you soon


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