Hey beautiful person

How have you been, I haven’t heard from you since last year. Does that sound a bit too cliché?

Don’t mind me, I had to use it.

On a serious note, I wanna wish my family here on Mouldedinsideout a very Happy new year. I had a lovely break and I hope you did too; I spent time with my family and took some time off work. The last time I worked was on Christmas Eve night, it was a lovely shift, but I still prefer spending time with my loved ones. I hope you had fun too and took time to rest.

2016 was a big year for me, I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt to be more comfortable in my own skin, hence the post on flaws on inner beauty.  I cried before publishing this post because I revealed a lot of about me, but I was shocked by the response and love I received so thank you. I remember a few people coming up to me in person to tell me how the post touched them and some other messages on Facebook. I am glad I was able to reach out…that’s all that matters!

I  graduated as a Social care worker and this for me was a personal achievement. It was important for me to finish college successfully, not just because I put in a lot of effort. It was also important for me to inspire others if I could do it, so can you. I highlighted some other benefits to college in there’s more to education than getting a job.

There was a particular four-month period in 2016 where I took myself off social media. I took some time off to reflect, I closed myself off from everyone. I felt like I was giving a lot more than I was receiving. I wanted to know what my purpose was – how God wanted me to fulfil my purpose, it was a LONG four months; I am happy to say after all of this I launched my first baby – mouldedinsideout.  I also learnt that when you give, it’s not always a good idea to want something back in return. I will share more on what led to me blogging soon, this inspired my post on chapter 22.  I also turned 22 in 2016…. drum roll, please.

Going back home to my motherland – Nigeria was definitely another highlight in 2016.  I had to put the experience into a series post, it was amazing. I just loved it, meeting family was everything to me. My trip to Nigeria inspired me to finally start my blog, I knew it was time. I didn’t have a camera so I had to use my phone which meant I wasn’t able to take great pictures, but I made use of what I had.

I want to use this moment to thank my friend Adesunmbo Osuniga who supported me with her camera for most of my posts. This brings me to another highlight of 2016, I  got my own camera, a Canon Eos 1300D, she’s like my second baby, I love her!

So this year on Mouldedinsideout, I will include some beauty topics as I plan on caring for my skin more. I thought I’ll  give you all some heads up, but there’s no pressure……I’ll just share some products as I use them.

I also wanted to let you know, that I’ve been having some technical issues on the blog; I do want you to bear with me. This means I will be taking a week or two break just to sort these issue out. I can’t continue to ignore them anymore. I want to be able to give you my best and make sure, you can come in and out of mouldedinsideout as easy as possible. So yes, this is a ‘welcome back’ and an ‘I’ll be back soon’ post.

May we laugh regardless of what comes our way this year. May we grow, develop and challenge ourselves more as we aim higher and better. Personally, this year I want to add value to other people’s lives. I wanna give some more …Thank you so much again.

See you soon


Photographer– Faith Olufemi-Ojo.

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