Hey beautiful people,

How are you doing? I recently read a post by a fellow blogger where she described herself as unworthy to be called a blogger because she hadn’t published a post in a while and at that moment, it felt like she was talking about me. But, it’s very hard nowadays because it seems as if no one likes to read and everyone prefers to scroll down through ones feed on Instagram, tap for details and move on to the next. However, I’m aware some of you like me coming here to share the space with you. And a lot of you would send a DM to see how I am, or why I haven’t posted in a while. I am grateful to those people who keep pushing me and I owe it to the few hundred or more that have been loyal to my blog. Thank you! I must admit, I also find blogging quite therapeutic.

So, can I just ask how your 2020 has been so far?

Was it what you anticipated?

Have you achieved some goals?

If I can be honest, I’ll say for me 2020 started with me being an emotional wreck, it wasn’t what I anticipated at all. I also realised how much pressure I was putting myself through with trying to keep up with everything I’m involved in. I have literally felt so overwhelmed, tired all the time, not being as healthy and almost burnt out. It’s funny because I see myself doing things I would advise others against. The way I have been moving has been so detrimental to myself, my goals and to the people I serve.

A few days ago, I decided that I have had enough! I feel even luckier after attending a conference called ‘Female Entrepreneurial Leadership‘ over the weekend. The keynote speaker ‘Nissy Tee‘ literally confirmed the way I’ve been trying to shift my mind going forward in the year.

Nissy Tee spoke about self-discipline and the importance of self-recognition which involves knowing what works for you. She spoke about self-discipline in terms of writing down your plans, having a clear vision/ purpose, looking at different ways and where you can add value, being focused and organised. She also talked about developing your strengths and being resilience to face the pressures that come with becoming an adult and just becoming more successful.

So you might be wondering how I’m running a business while working 9-5??

The simple answer is that I spend most of my free time outside of my 9-5 online managing my online presence in engaging with my audience and promoting @M.I.O- Prints. After my working hours, if I’m not online then I’m meeting a customer for collection or posting a package. Otherwise, I’m replying emails or preparing for an event/photoshoot and the list could go on for pretty much the background work on a daily basis. I might just write an entire post on this but what has helped me the most in keeping track has been my phone calendar and my work diary, it helps me keep a track of what I’m doing every day or on the weekends.

Essentially, I’ve come to the decision that I will need to develop myself further and focus on areas in my life I need to improve. In doing this, I’ll be able to continue to develop my brand and other key aspects of my life.

Outfit details:

Blazer- Zara

White Vest- Penneys

Trousers- H&M

Headwrap- M.I.0-Prints

Do follow my business page @MIO-Prints and if you aren’t already following my blog page mouldeinsidout

I will see you all in my next

Love, Florence

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