Hey beautiful people,

How are you? How is 2018 thus far?

Mine has been interesting actually. I am back in Uni and that’s going great so far it’s pretty much just full on! I have been more present on my Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I want more people to be able to see the work I do! I do have a Pinterest account but I think the media platforms I have now are enough. I also want to be able to be effective, you guys have heard me talk about how distracting Social media can be. Moral of the story is this- we should be cautious cause time is precious and it waits for no one! I shared a post last year on the importance of time in one’s life, click here.

I have also started, well I mean I have always had a relationship with God but this year I am taking him more serious cause you know what? He has been too good to me, I can’t even start to count my blessings. Previously I would be nonchalant about my relationship with God. But at least now, I know when I am slacking and when to run back to him. Honestly the other times, I have just been working on balancing life like we all are right? Most recently, I have noticed that my day goes well when I have it planned, I will share more about this soon. Planning is crucial!

What else have I been up to?

Actually, guys, I planned on getting a new Logo for the blog but I wasn’t able to get round to it for one reason or the other. The biggest reason that sticks out to me now is prioritising which I’m gonna do a LOT of this year. I also figured that I may not be able to do a lot of traveling this year as a few things are more important right now. I  won’t even lie, I’m a bit sad about it but you know what ……the end goal is more important! We are also nearly back from our break at DGC, just wrapping up with auditions so if you are interested in joining a gospel choir check our website for more information.

So yes that’s basically me thus far in the year 2018. I am definitely coming out of my shell a lot more and I am loving it. I guess I am getting older and meeting a lot of people but most importantly, connecting more with other social media influencers which is great!

Thank you so much for staying till the end and for your continuous support. Have a blessed week.

See you soon,


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