Hey beautiful people,

Today, I will be sharing something different with you; the things I hate about blogging.  I know, exciting right? Well here goes…

1- Consistency- As a blogger, one must have some type of consistency. Unfortunately, we also have real-life issues that get in the way. This could range from family, work, social life to personal life and so on. Sometimes it can be a real struggle trying to balance it all together.

2- Privacy –As much as I love sharing my life with you guys on the blog. Sometimes, I get caught up in the dilemma of how far I can go.  It gets more complicated when someone else is involved cause then it’s not just my story. I have to consider this other person.

3- Reaching out-At the moment I am not reaching as many people as I’d love to reach,  which can be frustrating. There is a lot of time that goes into building traffic and finding the right strategy to attract your audience. However,  there’s a process that comes with every journey. This is the reason why as a blogger you need to be patient and consistent. I cannot wait to finally figure out that one strategy that will work for me. In the meantime, I am enjoying every moment of this journey.

4- Having a Niche-  This is more of a positive than a negative point. I wish I could create content on a broad range of topics but,  as I have grown as a  blogger. I have come to the realisation that for me to be effective, I need to recognize my strength and share accordingly (at least for now). So I have decided to stick to travel and lifestyle. On certain occasions, I will divert but with purpose. This way I can give you guys the best cause that’s what you deserve!!

5- Being creative-When it comes to blogging you have to identify your creative side.  From the content, you create to the imagery, to promoting your content, to attracting your audience and building traffic. I mean we are called content creators for a reason! Creativity never stops and since this is the case. One needs to be consistent, committed and BE CREATIVE which ties to my first point. If you have a busy schedule and don’t know how to manage your time. It can be hard to keep up but hey… no excuses!!

This brings me to the end of this post. I am sure you’re wondering where are the other 5 points. So this post is a collaboration with one of my FAVOURITE BLOGGERS – Billykiss @Your Favourite Muse.  Make sure you click the link for the second part of this post,  just a simple background check. Billykiss is a fashion blogger, let her know I sent you over! 

To be honest ‘hate’ is a strong word because the truth is, I love being a blogger. It was so hard finding aspects of blogging that I didn’t like, becoming a blogger is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The experience has been great so far and I have met some amazing people including some of you. I got to collaborate with Glasses. shop recently and received my first gift on the blog and then collaborations like this post. I honestly feel so honoured right now! 

I look forward to more amazing collaborations!

Thank you so much, guys!

See you soon


Photo credit by my darlings- Esosa Idahosa and Favour Ochonma

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